Coagulation Instruments

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Coagulation Instruments

Active aspirated option

• Precision coagulation
• Reusable, autoclavable
• Compatible with many vitrectomy system with universal pin part
• 0.26mm aspiration lumen possibility  
• 20 G, 23 G, 25 G, 27 G options

Thanks to real active aspiration during endodiathermy it is perfect instrument for especially proliferative diabetic retinopathy to remove hemoragge from the retina surface and   effective instrument in case of quite sudden severe hemorrage for proliferative diabetic retinopaty.

Referance List
İmages Ref No Product Name
R7001 20 G Endodiathermy Probe
R7301 23 G Endodiathermy Probe
R7501 25 G Endodiathermy Probe
R7701 27 G Endodiathermy Probe
RA7001 20 G Aspirated Endodiathery Probe
RA7301 23 G Aspirated Endodiathery Probe
RA7501 25 G Aspirated Endodiathery Probe
7000 Scleral Eraser
7002 Diathermy Forceps Straight
7003 Diathermy Forceps Curved
7011 Diathermy Cable – Banana Connector
7012 Diathermy Cable – Erbe Connector
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