Fenix 532-S Ophthalmic Green Laser Photocoagulator

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1000FS Fenix 532-S Ophthalmic Green Laser Photocoagulator
Technical Specification
Laser type Diode Pumped Thin Disk Laser
Wavelenght  532nm
Laser output  2W (Sofware limited 1.5W for safety requirements)
Power stability (rms) <3 %
Operation modes CW, Pulsed
Laser Mode Selection  Endo, Slit, Lio
Duration 10ms to 3000ms
Interval – pulse time  10ms to 3000ms
Power increments  10mW
Aiming beam 640nm visible low power laser (≤3mW)
Aiming beam increment  %10-100
Laser cooling Air-TEC cooling system with silent fan
Fiber connector  Special Fenix endolaser probe connection
Fiber eccentricity  ≤ 10µ
Numerical aperture ≥0,11
Input power 100-240 Volt AC 50/60Hz T 2.0 A fused
Diamentions 278mm x 217mm x 106mm (wxhxd)
Weight  3.7 kg
Storage conditions Temperature: -20°C+70°C Relative humidity: 0…90% no condansation
Operation conditions  Temperature: +5°C+40°C Relative humidity: <90% no condansation
Laser Class 4
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